Aberystwyth Student Guide – A student’s honest opinion


A student’s honest opinion

“If you’re looking for a big city university in the thick of it all, then Aberystwyth is not for you! But if you like a bit of countryside, seaside and where there’s lots of friendly and familiar faces, then Aberystwyth could be your kind of place!

'Something for everyone'

It’s pretty small here so you always bump into people, but the university still has really good sports facilities for its size- there’s an indoor gym and swimming pool as well as loads of fields for different activities outside. Anyway, if you like the great outdoors there’s the beach and rolling hills for walking and adventures on either side of your doorstep, so sporty types will have a great time here.

In terms of going out, there’s so many pubs and clubs here that you can’t say that you will get bored- Apparently there’s more pubs here per square mile than anywhere else in the UK!

I’ve loved my time here so much and am so glad I chose to go here.” David, 21

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