One of the fun parts about university is the chance to move away from home and live in your own student pad.

However, the whole issue of housing can be confusing and overwhelming, and not to mention expensive!

We here at Live and Study aim to tell it to you straight- what to look out for, what accommodation will suit you best, and how to make the most of it.

Live and Study is written for students, by students.

Student Accommodation Living Tips - Some useful advice on how on housing
Types of Student Accommodation - Student housing available for you


Before going to university the initial phase of finding a suitable house can be somewhat of a pain. However here are four top tips which should help you get through the accommodation process much easier.

1.     Read through housing contracts in detail. This applies especially when renting private accommodation or through a letting agency. Questions like how long is the official notice period or is the contract on a fixed or rolling contract basis? Furthermore landlords are now legally obliged to deposit your money in a government tenancy protection system.

2.     If the accommodation does not suit you or you want to change to other halls, contact your university accommodation office where they will be able to help you with accommodation issues.

3.     When moving in with people you have never met, being tolerable and polite is a trait which may come in handy in the future. Sharing a house, toilet and kitchen with people you barely know is always a challenge and tolerance is needed.

4.     When signing a contract or applying for any kind of accommodation, make sure you have calculated extra costs for gas, water and heating. These hidden costs are not always evident in the contract and can pop up at any time. It would be handy to set up an agreement with housemates for paying bills in order to avoid confusion and make sure that everybody pays their fair share. Shared Living Space makes this possible, as it allows users to manage household bills. This online application can be accessed by a whole house and is the most simple way to calculate bills.



Whether you are a first year student or a mature student, the decision regarding choosing accommodation type will always re-occur. Although the majority of students start living in halls and then in private accommodation, this is not necessarily the case for all incoming students. Below are five various types of student accommodation available on the property market.

Most first year students opt to living in Halls of Residence. These buildings are owned directly by the university and are only available to students. The sole purpose for Halls is to give incoming students a secure and inviting environment where they can easily meet new people before they move out in the second year. Generally, the majorities of halls is well priced and are located in the city centre.

Second year students tend to choose and live in Flat/house share. This is like a typical rental accommodation. However demand for student properties can be high at time and finding a good quality home may prove at times difficult. For a comprehensive guide of renting student accommodation, check out The Naked Tenant, which is a free guide covering all aspects and inquiries that students may have about renting.

Relax in the campus grounds that many universities offer.

On the other hand some students choose to live as a “lodger” or in other words rent a room in a private house. Depends on the landowner that you will live with, but sometimes food will be provided.

Nonetheless, students with larger pockets can choose to rent a private flat. This is a great option for people who do not enjoy flat sharing. There are plenty of private flats available but the costs will be much much higher.

The most recent addition to student accommodation comes in the form of Private sector Halls of Residence. This is proving to be an ever increasingly popular and profitable venture for many property developers. The designs are typically based on University student housing. These may be slightly more expensive than University halls, but may provide better facilities and transport connections.

For students in Newcastle, PLJ Properties, a Jesmond based property rental agency, offers quality shared rental accommodation with no agency fees.