Bradford Student Guide – A student’s honest opinion


A student’s honest opinion

“Forgot your preconceptions about Bradford- it’s great. It might not have the glitz and glam of most cities, but it has a warm and friendly student atmosphere and just about everything you need.

There's plenty to do in the beautiful outdoors in Bradford.

The uni has some great courses and all first year students are guaranteed accommodation. It’s all really close by so freshers can just roll out of bed and into lectures!

As for going out, we might not have as much as our neighbour Leeds, but we still know how to have a good time. There lots of pubs and clubs dotted about, not to mention what the uni provides. There’s lots of sport activities and clubs at uni too, so you can’t say it’s boring in the day time either!

Student life in Bradford is great, so try to forgot your prejudices about this little gem of a city.” Julia, 20

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