Cardiff Student Guide – A student’s honest opinion


A student’s honest opinion

“Okay, so I love Cardiff. For a capital it’s quite small and compact but I like that. There are lots of arcades where you can get your “one offs” and more vintage shops. In particular “the Hayes” holds lots of these individual shops. We also have the mainstream chains. There are many coffee shops hidden in the arcades that are lush and provide plenty opportunity for afternoon tea and scones. My favourite is called “The Plan.”

The city itself is clean and the university buildings of Cardiff are very grand, with a white wash finish, all matching the town hall. There are loads of theatres and music halls too because the Welsh School of Music are based by Bute Park- which is stunning. We also have Roath Park where you can hire a rowing boat for £3.

Cardiff Bay at sunset.

As for the night, I like all the cocktail bars. The Arts Institute is a familiar night time visit and doubles up as a coffee shop through the day. I love two cocktail places called Ten Feet Tall and Buffalo Bar. They also house up and coming bands/artists so most evenings there is live music. If we want to go out clubbing Clwb Bach or Welsh Club is one of my favourites. A little more hidden that Tiger Tiger or Walkabout. Soda Bar is another place to go on a Friday and there is always the union called Solus. Boombox is probably the best night on a friday.

Cardiff Bay is a train journey away and is really pretty and full of restaurants and bars. It’s quite nice to see open water sometimes. There is of course the Millennium Stadium home to the rugby. The city is rammed on matched days. Annually Swansea Uni 1st rugby team vs Cardiff Uni 1st team play a match in what is called Varsity. We all buy the t shirts, foam fingers, face paint and cheer for the boys and watch the complimentary streaker (standard.)” Fran, 20

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