Glasgow Student Guide- A student’s honest opinion


A student’s honest opinion

“Glasgow as a student city is friendly, and welcomes all new students with open arms.

Glasgow Cathedral at night.

The population of the West end of Glasgow is primarily made up of students, so much so that the economy almost entirely depends on it; unlike other cities in the UK where the attitude toward students might be annoyance or suspicion, Glasgow’s four major separate schools (University of Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian, Strathclyde University and Glasgow School of Art) see to it that the city and its businesses have no choice but to adapt to the perpetuating flow of student life.


Having lived with members of three of the four above – all except Glasgow Caledonian – I can say with confidence that the experiences of all three are similar: that Glasgow is a beautiful city thriving with culture, architecture, museums, music and art and for a young person new to the city, there are endless discoveries to be made. From shopping on the newly updated high street, to hunting for bargains in one of the many charity shops strategically placed on the University’s main road, to summer afternoons in one of Glasgow’s beautiful and spacious parks or working on a dissertation in a coffee shop, one need never be at a loss for something to do.

Of course, when winter rolls around, snow shoes and a plentiful supply of disposable umbrellas are essential.” Hannah, 20

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