London Student Guide – A student’s honest opinion


A student’s honest opinion

“I studied at King’s College London and had a great university experience, particularly during my first year. This is because London is a great place to study due to its diverse and multicultural background which makes meeting people from different walks of life very easy and because London is THE entertainment capital of England. Whether it’s shopping, sightseeing, eating or partying, the city is always alive and vibrant and full of opportunities.

The London Eye.

Different areas of London are also hugely varied with their own charms and ‘must sees’. Boredom is thus not an option. The disadvantages of studying in central London, however, would be the cost of living and travel. Rent and social spending are some of the highest in the UK and because London is such a large city, getting from one place to another can also be frustrating and difficult due to the journey time.

My advice for those wishing to study in London is to make the most of what the city has to offer before it is too late (i.e. once in employment). Explore the many boroughs, eat the varied cuisines, make the most of student club nights and seek the internships where possible to get ahead in life.” Eva, 24

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