New York- A concrete jungle

“A holiday trip to New York has always been something that I have been a little skeptical to do; I just didn’t think it would suit my personality as I’ve always been a bit of an outdoorsy type person. So when a few friends of mine told me that they were keen to go and they wanted me to come along, you can understand that I was a little unsure about the whole idea. Nevertheless, I believe that in life sometimes you have to take a bit of a jump and go out your comfort zone. Besides, New York can’t be all that bad. So I booked my ticket and set off to New York for the week.

The skyscrapers of New York at night.

Arriving in New York was hectic, very busy and ever so slightly daunting. For the beginning part of my trip it did not reassure any anxieties I had about the place but getting into the trademark yellow-cab from the airport to the hostel did feel rather good, I have to admit. From then on, things definitely exceeded all expectations up and beyond anything I could imagine. Just walking around the city was exciting enough and though everything was in epic proportion, I didn’t feel intimated or lost because of the bustling nature and energy of the place seemed to carry me through.

The seven days that we were there flew by and it never seemed like we had a moment to spare as we were always doing something. We managed to fit in all the touristy things like the Statue of Liberty, strolling through Central Park and watching baseball to name but a few. We also went to some really cool bars and got speaking to some genuine New Yorkers. Overall it was an amazing trip and changed a lot of my preconceptions of holidays like this- the concrete jungle ain’t all bad!

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