Oxford Student Guide – An overview


An overview

The rooftops of Oxford.

The city of Oxford is situated in the county of Oxfordshire in central southern England. Oxford is home to two universities, which provide places of study to over 40,000 students every year. The high density of students in the city means there is no shortage of places to go for a night out. Oxford is known as a city of pubs and there are some great student venues to choose from. The Bullingdon Arms can be found to the southeast of the city centre and regularly showcases live performers and musicians. Oxford has a number of late bars and nightclubs dotted throughout the city. The Bridge is the place to head to when the pubs close- the venue has regular weekday student nights and plays an eclectic mix of music from R&B to hip-hop and chart classics. Students craving the bright lights of London always have the option to jump on a train, as the capital is only an hour away.

Oxford is famous for its punting and rowing on the canal, and punting is a popular summer activity and can make for a fun afternoon, especially when combined with a picnic or a stop at one of the pubs on the way. In fact, the landscape around the city is considered very green and there are a number of open spaces, which can be explored by bike of foot.

Oxford has a number of museums and galleries to suit every taste. The Ashmolean Museum is worth a visit for the architecture alone. The museum is home to a number of paintings, statues and antiquities including a fascinating Egyptian exhibit, a must-see for any history enthusiasts. Modern Art Oxford can be found on Pembroke Street and is the South East’s leading centre for modern and contemporary art, and the gallery hosts exhibitions as well as talks, performances and workshops.

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