Portsmouth Student Guide – A student’s honest opinion


A student’s honest opinion

“Seaside, great weather and plenty of students is what comes to mind when you mention Portsmouth University. Lying on the south coast, the student city offers a great living and studying experience. The city is a great middle sized coastal town. There are plenty of beaches across entire Portsmouth which are full of young people sitting and enjoying the great weather.

You can enjoy the many beaches in Portsmouth.

As a non campus based university, the UOP offers you as a student the perfect student/city experience. The University is located in the centre of Portsmouth, right next to the seafront and central shopping area. There are regular student buses taking students from the main campus to other parts of the city starting at 07.30 and ending at 00.25.

The student union has also recently opened its own bar and club. Furthermore the UOP offers a large variety of sports to choose from with anything to suit your needs. The student services are very well organised as are the facilities including the university library.
In terms of parties, there is a huge abundance of clubs and bars to choose from. The Albert road offers a more relaxed atmosphere of pubs and bars in comparison to the hoard of students at Guildhall.

I would definitely suggest the University of Portsmouth for any student looking to experience an authentic student lifestyle with great weather and in a friendly living environment.” Alex, 21

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