Portsmouth Student Guide – Where can I study?


Where can I study?

A colourful building at the University of Portsmouth.

Portsmouth is home to the University of Portsmouth (also referred to as Portsmouth University), the only university in the city. The University of Portsmouth welcomes over 21,000 students ever year and is a member of the University Alliance, a group of major business focused universities. The university is split into 2 campuses: University Quarter and the Langstone Campus. University Quarter is a collection of buildings scattered around the city centre and includes many of the university’s teaching facilities as well as halls of residence. The Langstone Campus is the smallest campus and can be found in Milton. Langstone overlooks Langstone Harbour and is home to the university’s sports facilities and halls of residence.

Courses at Portsmouth University are organised into 5 faculties of schools: Portsmouth Business School, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries.

The Students Union at Portsmouth University offers a wide range of activities and encourages students to get involved as a great way to socialise and meet other students. Activities on offer include rugby, cricket, football, sailing and rowing. The union also runs societies for many different interests including a Politics Society, a Brightsparks Enterprise Society and a Property Development Society.

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