Sheffield Student Guide – A student’s honest opinion


A student’s honest opinion

“I’ve already graduated from university, but I loved Sheffield so much, I decided to stay. Between being one of the safest cities in Europe, having an awesome nightlife as well as a stone’s throw from the Peak District, I couldn’t help but stay.

One of the beautiful parks to be found in Sheffield.

If you want to experience the real student lifestyle in a city, Sheffield is definitely for you. There are so many students here! But it gives the whole place a good atmosphere, and also what makes the nightlife so good too. Some of my own personal favourites include Embrace and Forward. You don’t need to worry about the cost either- rent and drinks are really cheap, so it leaves some money to treat yourself once in a while.

Sheffield also has some great rock climbing facilities and you can walk around quite a few parts of the city so you don’t become too lazy as a student!” Gemma, 23

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