Simple Student Sunday – 4 easy money makers

It’s Sunday, which means another edition of Simple Student Sunday. This Sunday we give 4 easy money makers tips- a little bit of extra cash that is enough for a weeks’ food shopping- or even more!

Casual jobs
Tutoring, dog walking and babysitting could earn you between £10 or more an hour.

There’s a bunch of clothes in your wardrobe hogging up a whole lot of space. It’s time to sell them on Ebay and earn a little profit!

Save your pennies, earn some pounds!

Recycle your old mobile phone
It’s a great way to help the environment, recycle old material, and if it’s a really good model, you could earns £100s!

Take part in surveys and experiments
There’s a poster at uni to take part in a survey or experiment. It’s a couple of hours and they will pay you £15. Why not go for it? It’s probably a few hours you might have spent procrastinating anyway…

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