Simple Student Sunday – Money saving tips

Every Sunday we will feature Simple Student Sunday – a feature with some tips, a guide or a video for something really simple that students can make or do!

This Sunday we present to 5 top tips to save money as a student!

The typical pocket of a student...

1) Ask everywhere if they do student discounts – restaurants, shops, transport- even your hairdressers! You can pick up further discounts by joining sites like vouchercodes which send you the deals straight to your inbox.

2) Cook with friends – eating for one can work out expensive and repetitive, not to mention cooking with others gives you a break!

3) The library is your best friend – instead of buying those expensive chunky textbooks for uni, you can loan them for a whole semester. You can also find DVD’s and language CD’s for free or at a lower cost than your local Blockbuster.

4) Phone plans are pricey. If possible, try to call and text on Skype, or try to get your friends to also use Skype so you can talk to eachother for free.

5) Ditch the expensive gym membership and exercise outside for free – jog!

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