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Simple Student Sunday – Student Financing

Simple Student Sunday here again! Today we have a top notch video from money expert Martin Lewis. It’s a long one, but well worth worthing. Enjoy!

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Simple Student Sunday – Sites to help you grab a bargain

Simple Student Sunday here again! Today we will feature a few sites which could help you grab a bargain.

Deal-of-the-day sites are pretty hot at the moment. If 70% off sushi or a massage for £29 instead of £129 is your thing, then you should check out big sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. Some sites specialise in particular areas instead of having random offers each day. For example, Wahada offers spa and beauty treatments at discount prices so their main target audience is women. The only downside is that due to the popularity of these sites, you may have to wait a few months before you can spend the voucher.

If you already shop online, it’s worth looking into cashback schemes. You can shop as normal and earn money by simply spending! Quidco has affliations with many big names like Tesco, HMV and NPower, so if you already use these sites online, you can save a few bob and get a little bit back of what you spend.

If you are really scrapping the pennies, try some voucher codes. Why pay full price for clothes when you can get 20% with an online code or a printable voucher? Vouchercloud features most discounts out there, and you can even pick by the place- provided they have a discount! However, always make sure to check the date- it’s a bit cringey to have an out-of-date voucher rejected!

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Simple Student Sunday – 4 easy money makers

It’s Sunday, which means another edition of Simple Student Sunday. This Sunday we give 4 easy money makers tips- a little bit of extra cash that is enough for a weeks’ food shopping- or even more!

Casual jobs
Tutoring, dog walking and babysitting could earn you between £10 or more an hour.

There’s a bunch of clothes in your wardrobe hogging up a whole lot of space. It’s time to sell them on Ebay and earn a little profit!

Save your pennies, earn some pounds!

Recycle your old mobile phone
It’s a great way to help the environment, recycle old material, and if it’s a really good model, you could earns £100s!

Take part in surveys and experiments
There’s a poster at uni to take part in a survey or experiment. It’s a couple of hours and they will pay you £15. Why not go for it? It’s probably a few hours you might have spent procrastinating anyway…

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Simple Student Sunday – Money saving tips

Every Sunday we will feature Simple Student Sunday – a feature with some tips, a guide or a video for something really simple that students can make or do!

This Sunday we present to 5 top tips to save money as a student!

The typical pocket of a student...

1) Ask everywhere if they do student discounts – restaurants, shops, transport- even your hairdressers! You can pick up further discounts by joining sites like vouchercodes which send you the deals straight to your inbox.

2) Cook with friends – eating for one can work out expensive and repetitive, not to mention cooking with others gives you a break!

3) The library is your best friend – instead of buying those expensive chunky textbooks for uni, you can loan them for a whole semester. You can also find DVD’s and language CD’s for free or at a lower cost than your local Blockbuster.

4) Phone plans are pricey. If possible, try to call and text on Skype, or try to get your friends to also use Skype so you can talk to eachother for free.

5) Ditch the expensive gym membership and exercise outside for free – jog!

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