Here we list a bunch of useful tips and websites that we like!

Lots of students are into programming. Here we have found a nifty little blog about it. Our webmaster Pete finds the articles handy!

Jo likes her cocktails and uses BBC cocktails. There are nearly 300 recipes to choose from, which is great for some creative drinks at a cocktail party.

If you like travelling, then Student Flights can help you to find cheap flights ease the pain on your bank account! Anna found this site useful when on her gap year and during those long university summer holidays!

One of the most popular student forums is The Student Room. Advice for students is abundant but there are also non-student topics and the large number of students on the forum can help you with (almost) anything. – the complete debt management resource. Helpful to use in times of financial need!

Discount codes – Find great ways to save by searching for offers or vouchers applicable near you.

Protocol Education – Useful advice for people looking for teaching jobs, SEN jobs, classroom assistant jobs or nursery nurse jobs.

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